What is VISTA?

The VISTA System has a more powerful search engine and displays more detailed report information. If you are currently a myApps user, you already have access to the new VISTA and do not need to create a new account.

State Vendors & General Public

Anyone who is not a state employee can sign up to search the VISTA system to view:

  • Detailed Vendor Payments

State Employees, Public Employee & Teacher Retirees

Already a myApps user? Great! Now you can use your myApps username and password to sign in to VISTA directly or myApps where you will find a link to VISTA.

  • View your eNODS, W-2s and/or 1099 information
  • Detailed Vendor Payments

Register to be a West Virginia State Vendor Self Service or (VSS)

You must register for Vendor Self Service if you are a new payee/vendor that is interested in conducting business with the State of West Virginia for the first time and need to create a new payee/vendor account, or have an existing payee/vendor account with the State of West Virginia and need to activate your account with wvOASIS.*This is NOT a VISTA Account!

wvOASIS VSS Sign Up!